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sepoy Grande Rooms

A goan themed suites in Sepoy provides an unforgettable traditional goan house experience with its way of blending done with goan roofing, goan tailing pattern which also has a living unit. Two bed rooms are attached with bathrooms separately.

8000+tax - Per Night
This theme suite room measures about 1200 Sq. ft. A huge bed unit, spacious drawing rooms. A Pantry and a children bedroom all together gives you a typical south Indian "Halli Mane" experience and also attached with two spacious & lavishing bathrooms adds on for the comfortable stay.
8000+tax - Per Night
An Elegant breath taking romantic English styled suite makes you go back 1960's and enjoy the palace's experience and with a Royal living, Royal bedding experience and this will make a life time memory for your further life.
8000+tax - Per Night
A Royal living experience make you feel very special with in the mughal empire with its intricate mughal arches, comics and also the mughal painting with in the suite. One can never forget the experience of being Mughal 'Badsha' & 'Begum'.
8000+tax - Per Night
Well Appointed rooms with Luxurious interior, Tea, Coffee makers, Bed and Bath, Linen Electronics Safe and TV.
3,500+tax - Per Night
Full Furnished rooms with Tea/Coffee makers, Electornic Safe and TV.

2,500+tax - Per Night